Here are some steps to follow when cleaning a solid wood vanity:

  1. Start by removing any items from the vanity, including toiletries and decorative items.
  2. Dust the vanity with a soft cloth or duster, ensuring that all surfaces are free of debris.
  3. Mix a solution of mild soap and warm water in a bucket or bowl.
  4. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and wring it out until it is damp but not soaking wet.
  5. Wipe down the entire vanity, including the top, sides, and drawers, with the damp cloth.
  6. Rinse the cloth in clean water and wipe down the vanity again to remove any soap residue.
  7. Never use harsh cleaning agents or chemicals like bleach or even vinegar. Over time, these products will damage the seal on the quartz countertop, removing shine and making the quartz more susceptible to stains.
    1. For tough stains on the countertop use a small amount of Vim (without bleach). This will help to remove marks and when used sparingly, will not damage the quartz.
  8. Dry the vanity with a soft towel or cloth, ensuring that all surfaces are completely dry.
  9. For added protection, you can apply a furniture wax or polish to the vanity, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  10. Finally, replace any items that were removed from the vanity, and enjoy your freshly cleaned solid wood vanity.
March 18, 2023 — Sales Staff