36'' Kube Pixel LED Mirror

By Kubebath



Illuminate Your Space with the 30'' Kube Pixel LED Mirror

Elevate your bathroom's ambiance with the 30'' Kube Pixel LED Mirror, available exclusively at Vanity Centre. Crafted with top-quality components, this mirror combines functionality and style to enhance your daily routine. With a 110V connection and hard-wired installation, this mirror offers seamless integration into your bathroom. The LED temperature of 4800K emits a bright, natural light that enhances the overall atmosphere. With a power consumption of 24W, this mirror is energy-efficient without compromising on brightness. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with the 30'' Kube Pixel LED Mirror from Vanity Centre.

  1. Convenient Sensor On/Off Switch: The front mirror sensor switch allows for easy control, enabling you to effortlessly adjust the lighting to your desired level.

  2. All-Around Integrated LED Strips: The LED strip surrounding the mirror provides consistent and even illumination, ensuring a clear reflection from every angle.

  3. Elegant Frosted Glass Pattern: The four frosted glass squares embedded around the mirror add a touch of sophistication and create a beautiful lighting effect in your bathroom.

  4. Long-Lasting LED Strips: The LED strips boast an impressive average lifetime of 50,000 hours, guaranteeing durability and minimal maintenance for years to come.


    Front Mirror Sensor Switch
    Integrated LED Strips
    Frosted Pattern Around All Sides
    Long Lasting LED Strips
    110V Connection
    LED temperature: 4800K
    Power: 24W


    35.4'' X 1.57'' X 27.6''

    SKU: LEDKP36