Aerial Black and Carrara w/Gold Chevron Mosaic Tile

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$13.99 Per Sq/Ft

9.46 SqFt Per Box


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Aerial Black and Carrara Marble Polished Mosaic Tile with Black & Gold

The Aerial Black and Carrara marble finish tile represents the epitome of elegance and sophistication in the realm of home decor and architectural design. This exquisite tile combines the mysterious depths of Aerial Black with the timeless beauty of Carrara marble, offering a captivating visual experience that is both bold and graceful. The Aerial Black component, with its deep, dark hues, provides a striking contrast to the luminous, intricate veining characteristic of Carrara marble. This contrast not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tile but also adds a layer of complexity and depth to its appearance. 


0.86 Sq. Ft. PC
11 PCS /Box
9.46 Sq. Ft. / Box
8mm Thickness


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Aerial Black and Carrara w/Gold Chevron Mosaic Tile