Haus 36" Bathroom Vanity with White Countertop & Sink

By Kubebath

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Elevate Your Bathroom Décor with the Haus 36" Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity.

Introducing the Haus 36" Bathroom Vanity, a blend of modern design and functionality that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. This Kubebath console vanity exudes style and sophistication, making it a perfect addition to any space.

Constructed from durable stainless steel, the sleek 36" design of the Haus vanity creates an open and spacious atmosphere, adding a touch of elegance to your washroom. The white countertop with an integrated sink offers a clean and contemporary look, effortlessly complementing any décor.

Crafted with 16 Gauge 316L Stainless Steel, this vanity guarantees durability and longevity. The reinforced acrylic composite sink, accompanied by a matching rectangular chrome overflow cover, adds to the overall visual appeal and functionality.

With its minimal stainless steel frame, the Haus 36" Vanity creates the illusion of a larger bathroom, making it a perfect choice for optimizing space. Elevate your bathroom with the Haus 36" Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity, exclusively available at Vanity Centre. Experience modern design and superior craftsmanship at its finest.


  • Reinforced acrylic composite sink with an integrated overflow, for a sleek and modern look.
  • 16 Gauge, 316L Construction Console



16 Gauge, 316L Construction Console
Durable Reinforced Acrylic Composite Sink
Matching Rectangular Chrome Overflow Cover
Minimum Assembly Required

Included in the Price:
Reinforced Acrylic Composite Sink with Overflow
Stainless Steel Console in Chrome Finish


35.63" x 18.5" 30.75"

Vanity Base Material

Stainless Steel