Suspendue Aktuell Wall Hung Round Toilet

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By Aktuell

Toilet shape
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Experience Modern Elegance and Advanced Functionality with the Suspendue Wall Hung Round Toilet!

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Enjoy a peaceful bathroom experience with Suspendue by Aktuell. Visit Vanity Centre today and elevate your bathroom to a new level of contemporary luxury!

Soft close seat included.

Chrome Wall plate buttons included. 

In-Wall Carrier unit included.


  • High performance with tornado action

  • Dual flush 4 or 6Lpf with tornado action

  • Including deluxe slow-close seat and removable cover

  • Premium quality porcelain in ultra white color

  • 1 year warranty on porcelain and seat.


Great solution to gain additional space.
Water-saving dual flush system
Insulation against condensation and noise
2 “x 4” stud wall installation
Adjustable height
Azor Silent – ecological and silent inlet
valve equipped with a delayed refill
system: starts filling the cistern only when
the flush valve is closed - allowing water
savings per flush.
10 years Limited Warranty
High performance rimless flush
Double flush 3( or 6Lpf) with rimless flush
Includes slow close seat
High quality ultra white porcelain
1 year Warranty on porcelain and seat.